Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MJX X-200 UFO quadcopter

Meijiaxin Toys Co., Ltd, better known as MJX has launched a new mini "Toy grade" quadcopter under the title X-series.

This is the MJX X-200 UFO, a nice little quad and can be controlled in 3
different modes according to the owners skill level of flying.

The quad is capable of doing tricks like rolls and loops and is quite
responsive and stable.

Talking about stability, the control board of this UFO has 3 axis gyro
assisted stabilization added for more percise flight.

   Control distance is about 150 meters and that should be just right with
   the 30 cm (motor axle to motor axle) size of this craft.

  MJX has adapted the transmitter to
  be used for left or right side trottle

  control as on their 2.4 ghz helicopter

  Changing the stick setup can be done

  by setting it up on the transmitter
  itself with just a few buttons.


  The quadcopter is for sale in orange and red colors as a ready to fun
  package, with transmitter, 3.7 volt lipo battery, charger and some extra
  propellers and not to forget a manual.

  the MJX camera set (C4003) can be mounted on the X-200, but is not
  included in the package and has to be bought seperatly.

  On the MJX website it is stated as a series, but until now only this model is

  released, but when new versions are announced, we will post the specs of

  them as soon as we can.

  Till the next UFO..

  btw. We bought one from Banggood for testing and we will add a small

  review of the UFO as soon as we can!

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